Q : What is CrackMyMac.com?
A : CrackMyMac.com is a website where you can direct download the latest Mac OS X FULL version software.

Q : Why only Mac OS X?
A : Because we want to make it exclusively for Mac users.

Q : What about Windows?
A : We might create a similar website dedicated for Windows users in the future. Subscribe or follow us to be notified when it happens.

Q : Is there any download limit?
A : No, you can download as much as you want with No download Queue, Full Speed & No annoying Ads. Plus, all files can be download directly – no torrent needed!

Q : Is the download FREE?
A : Yes, you can download all files for free. However, you need a password to unzip the file.

Q : Why put password?
A : Because we had too may SPAM downloads in the past. As a result, this badly hurt our server bandwidth and we had to shut down temporarily. So now as a precautions, we added a layer of protection by locking the files so that only a real person with valid information can get the file.

Q : How to download password?
A : To get the ZIP password is relatively easy. Open the “Read ME FIRST.txt” inside the zip folder, copy the password link and paste it in your browser. Complete a simple offer with REAL data such as phone number & e-mail address. That’s it! Your password is now ready. For a complete tutorial, visit this link – How To Download

Q : Is the download FAKE?
A : NO, absolutely not. We only provide REAL content to our audience – This I can personally guarantee you. You will get what you needed, no fake stuff here – we hate it as much as you do. All files have been tested and confirmed to be working. If you have any problems, please Contact Us.

Q : If the download is FREE, how do you make money?
A : We make a little commission when you completed an offer for the ZIP password. It’s not much but this helps us to pay the server & hosting bills. Honestly, the cost for participating to an offer is WAY less that what you have to pay for the original software. So it’s a Win-Win situation.

Q : I’m having trouble installing
A : Visit this page : Installation Guide

Q : Can I ask you something else?
A : Yes! please go to this page : Contact Us

Q : What can I do to help?
A : You can help by spreading the words of our website. Share & Follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedln and other social networking sites. For webmasters, you can also help by linking back to us.

Thank You & Have a Great Day!